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Piano-Vocal Arrangements of Jewish favorites


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from the Eklektrex SSQVO Jewish CD #1

Harris Shilakowsky: Eklektrex SSQVO Celebration of Jewish Spirit

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Harris  Shilakowsky Arrangements:

nice & e-z piano-vocal arrangements by Harris Shilakowsky
Erev Shel Shoshanim
Dodi Li
Im Eshkachech
Al HaNisim
Utzu Eitzah

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Im Eshkachech If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, Let my right hand forget her cunning... from Psalm 137:12-13 Arranged for piano & voice by Harris Shilakowsky

Piano, Piano/Vocal/Chords


featured on the

Eklektrex SSQVO Jewish CD

Al HaNisim

On the Miracles!

Traditional Favorite Song for Purim & Hanukah

Violin-Piano Arrangement by Harris Shilakowsky
Dodi Li Vocal or Violin with Piano Sheet Music Arrangement
an E-Z Piano-Vocal Arrangement
beautiful love song From (Hebrew) Shir Hashirim  (English)Song of Songs also known as Song of Solomon or Canticles, Verses 2:16, 3:6, 4:9, 4:16
Erev Shel Shoshanim - Night of Roses, arranged by Harris Shilakowsky for vocalist with piano accompaniment. Range from middle c to a, ie tenor/alto. Receive email link instantly to downloadable pdf files. No limit to printing. Files belong to you. Romantic Jewish favorite.
Im Eshkachech mp3
Im Eshkachech, a beautiful Jewish song of love for the ancient city where stood the great Temple of Solomon. The arrangement for voice accompanied by simple piano chords is performed and recorded for rehearsal purposes.1.99
Im Eshkachech
piano-vocal arrangement

Utzu Eitsah Purim Song for string orchestra and/or piano-vocal

new Purim song arrangement by harris shilakowsky of Utzu Eitsah for string orchestra and/or piano-vocal can be played as quartet alone also. Instantly downloadable pdf files. 15.99
Al HaNisim
piano-vocal arrangement
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