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Jingle Composition & Production

Need to create buzz for your biz?

Call me for help creating a radio or tv Ad that will quickly identify your business in peoples’ minds

Building business
Through affordable, high quality advertising

Our Goals:

Create an EFFECTIVE, CLEVER, HARD-HITTING 60 second ad jingle

Keep costs REALLY LOW.

Here’s how we can do this. We save time and costs by

1.    Getting all our information before we start so we don’t waste time in consultations. That’s why you fill out the questionaire. You provide the ad text copy. We’ll create the jingle...or...

2.    Using some or all of the following techniques, with your approval, of course;

a.    Using existing instruments, (not adding unnecessary instruments) and...

b.    using our stock of sounds and music and...

c.    voice-over artists & singers that work with us all the time.

With one vocalist singing and/or speaking...

$ Ask for current pricing

I’ll create a short (10/15/30 second) version of your 60 second commercial (derived from the original composition) $346.75 FREE 30 SECOND VERSION.

SAVE! If you do your own voice over...60 second ad OR

60 second ad using 2 vocalists or a vocalist & separate voice-over artist

Remember, you can save by having your vocalist do both singing and voice-overs (same price as regular 1 vocalist production), etc.

I’ll work with you to help you find places where you can save on your project. All styles of music, instruments, types of singers/entertainers/voice-over artists available.

Keep your costs low. Minimize consultation times by filling out my questionaire.

Reduced Hourly collaboration rate, if you desire to work with us in developing the text.

I’ll send you a revised quote if you want unusual or extra instruments requiring additional personnel.

Like to hear different types of music created here at Shilakowsky Arts Music? E-mail me and I'll send you mp3 files by ftp/email or a cd by USPS. Your choice.
to get the best professional musical services

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Give me some info so I can help you figure out the hardest hitting ad, produced with the most efficient usage of your resources!
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