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Production & Recording

Depending on the scope of your project & your budget, I offer different levels of service in different locations. After we discuss your project, we'll identify which studio to bring your project to & which equipment will best achieve your needs.

  1. I produce songs and compositions in my home studio, and at Saucersound Studios.

  2. I'm a staff engineer at Saucersound Studios in Norton MA, USA where we produce all types of music in our cutting edge studio. I've engineered and assisted in various rock, r&b and rap recording sessions at Saucer Sound.

  3. On-site recording. I bring mics & record your concert or recital.

I produce songs and compositions in my home studio.

I am available to produce and engineer all styles of music from Classical to Pop, R&B & more. I produce song writers, singers, and groups.

I am also available for on-site location recordings for concerts, events, recitals, speeches and all kinds of events.

Harris Shilakowsky
BMus NEC, MM Yale, PAE

Jazz-rock-classical cross-over violinist, former concertmaster of London and New Orleans Symphony, Film score composer, arranger and songwriter, conductor and contractor of musician...I live and breathe music and the science of sound. 

Shilakowsky=certified through the Professional Audio Engineering Course at Saucer Sound Recording Studio, working on many hands-on professional recording projects as an assistant engineer. I stand ready to give my personal attention to your exacting requirements, customizing all of our recording and production tools to your custom needs as a member of the engineering staff.

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about Producer-Engineer, Harris Shilakowsky

On-site work: For 10 years, I recorded archival recordings for my professional orchestra, the Bristol Chamber Orchestra. For the past 4 years, I've been recording the concerts of the LiveArts Sunday Concert Series.

Like most serious performers, I've worked with a number of engineers at various recording sessions with popular and classical artists, theatrical recordings (for Really Useful Company while working in the orchestra for Sunset Boulevard in Germany for instance), for many country stars in Nashville on Music Row and for inspirational performers for companies like Word Music. I have played jingles and worked onstage with many popular performers and in orchestras for movie soundtracks and appearances. My interest has grown, and so has my training and equipment.

How might you use this recording?

  • Artist's development; used to study your own technique.

  • Professional Quality Audition recordings ie, to get into bands, shows, orchestras, etc.

  • Demo; in artist development, used to market your music to other producers, agents, schools of music/arts

To record your own concert or recital, check my availability schedule here first. Then fill out the form below.

Typical Recording contract for 2.5 hour non-profit concert attended by under 300 people, including...

  • 1 hour set-up and...
  • basic post-production digital editing & mastering which takes 2 to 4 hours in the studio & is done on a separate day.
  • Perfect for archival recording of concerts and recitals.
  • Includes round trip travel to your concert venue of up to 40 miles.

Basic cost $329.

Fill out the form below and you'll be contacted asap.

If the date is confirmed as free, and details (pricing, schedule, conditions) are agreed to, I'll send your contract and an invoice to fill out and return.

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