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Hebrew Lyrics English Translation


Erev shel shoshanim Evening of roses

Nitzeh na el habustan Let's go out to the grove

Mor besamim ulevana Myrrh, spices, and incense

L'raglech miftan. Are a carpet to walk on.





Layla yored le'at The night comes slowly

Veru'ach shoshan noshvak A breeze of roses blows

Havah elchash lach shir balat Let me whisper a song to you quietly

Zemer shel ahava A song of love.


Shachar homa yonah At dawn, a dove is cooing

Roshech ma'ale t'lalim Your hair is filled with dew

Pich el haboker shoshana Your lips to the morning are like a rose

Ektefenu li. I'll pick it for myself.


Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus