First Steps Songs

A Series for Early Stage Violinists


Includes First Steps Songs, Teacher's Accompaniment Part & mp3 recordings



  1. First Steps Song on G String
  2. First Steps Song on D String
  3. First Steps Song on A String
  4. First Steps Song on E String
  5. First Steps Long Song starting out on G and Crossing Into Many Different Lands Across the Oceans of G,D,A & E

recorded accompaniments to the five songs and music that you and your teacher can listen to and then play along with...

First Steps Accompaniments

You get the solo music to learn and play

You get the scores that the teacher can use to follow along and/or play along with...or you can get a bunch of friends together who can play along with you using these arrangements to make your own band. PS They need to know how to read music.

The whole package only costs $22.50.

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