Sad Dawg - a duo for 1st to 2nd level/grade pianist with violin solo including 3rd position and lyrical melody.
This is a good short concert piece for musicians from age 5 to 10, depending on their ability.

First Steps Songs  - sheet music with mp3 accompaniments for young violinists

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I've been very frustrated that the scale books I've used for my own students have either stayed too easy for too long, or got too challenging too quickly. I've also found that I can't find a particular scale that I need. My beginning students need more work in first position before graduating to higher positions.

So, I decided that in my own scale book, I'd; 

  1. put in a table of contents to make it easy for the teacher to find the scale they need
  2. write scales that cover both one and two octaves
  3. write them out as slow, medium, fast (half note, quarter note, eighth and sixteenth note)
  4. Arrange the book so it progresses from easy to hard

    1. First position only. One and Two octaves. All keys. Major & minor. Order here.


    2. Scale book has been proof-read & edited and re-published

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