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established 1988

music & musical services

Are you a talented singer or musician?
Would you like to learn how to write great songs from an experienced songwriter?
Need a new song for a special occasion?

I've written hundreds of songs. Many are published. If you'd like to get a song written, or would like to learn more about the music business...get all of your questions answered about writing, publishing, get help improving your songs and lyrics, get help recording and performing...you've come to the 'write' website!

Original Wedding Songs

Another service that I provide to brides, grooms & families & friends. Order your personal song a couple of months before your wedding, to make sure there's time to create a perfect song to make yours a truly UNIQUE event.

As a composer and songwriter, I’ve created hundreds of original songs & instrumental compositions over the years.

With a great story, like the love story of two people who have found each other, I can create a great song that has deep personal meaning.

Add great musicians and you’ve got a beautiful song or composition that is unique to your event. If you’re already planning to book my professional musicians as an ensemble, you’ve got the second part of that equation already. For instance, you’re booking the Shilakowsky String Quartet for your ceremony music. You’d like a new processional piece that no one has ever heard before. I’ll write it for you, arrange it for the quartet, and we’ll rehearse it, perform it, and of course, you can record it or video tape it for your personal use. (or I can record it for you).

Or, you’d like a song with lyrics that have personal meaning for you, like the love story I mentioned above, or some funny thing that happened to you that you’d like turned into a song. You just send me an email telling me about it, and I’ll turn it into a song that captures the mood of the message of your story. Then, if you’ve booked a quartet, I’ll sing the song, while the rest of the group (now a trio) accompanies. You might use the song as a processional piece, or during the ceremony, or before the processional, and we can also repeat the song again during your reception. You can use it as your first dance song!

Another alternative is that I can write you this song, and then perform it and produce it with a band (pop or jazz or even hip hop style) at the recording studio where I am on the engineering staff (giving me a great break on the cost of studio time).

Contact me by pushing the contact Shilakowsky button in the left column to get the rest of the dope on customized songs.

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