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CHECK OUT more of my arrangements of popular and other songs on SMP (Sheet Music Plus). I get requests from Brides to play their favorite popular songs, and so I have arranged many songs...mostly for string ensembles. Many of these song arrangements are designed for wedding and other entertainment gigs. Use the link below to access them quick downloads which you can print up on your computer.

More Chamber Music is COMING!

Every day, I'm adding more music to what you can order online. If you can't find something, or need more ideas, please email me your desires, problems, or questions and I'll get back to you asap with answers! Here's my email:

Brass Ensemble Music Composers

  • J.S. Bach 

  • James Christensen 
  • Lloyd Conley 
  • Charles Decker 
  • Charles Evans 
  • Michael Forbes 
  • Arthur Frackenpohl 
  • Gary Gazlay 
  • Al Hager 
  • Frank J. Halferty 
  • George Frideric Handel 
  • Luther Henderson 
  • Kevin Kaisershot 
  • James 'Red' McLeod 
  • Frederick Mills 
  • Sammy Nestico 
  • Lennie Niehaus 
  • Johann Sebastian Sebastian 
  • David Uber 
  • Gary Ziek 
  • Halferty 
  • Uber 
  • Evans 
  • Kaisershot 
  • Niehaus 
  • Ziek 
  • Bach 
  • Conley 
  • Handel 
  • Forbes 
  • Decker 
  • Beethoven 
  • Wagner 
  • Nestico 
  • Saint-Saens 
  • Hilfiger 
  • Grieg 
  • Mendelssohn 
  • Pederson 
  • Purcell 
  • Mozart 
  • Brahms 
  • Faure 
  • Vivaldi 
  • Furlong 
  • Shiner 
  • Alford 
  • Frackenpohl 
  • Traditional 
  • Rossini