UPDATE!!!!! cancellation!!! Podcast

Unfortunately, the remainder of this whole concert series, including my solo concerto performance was cancelled!

I shall leave the info originally posted below, but I'm sorry that I shan't be playing Berg tonight. Perhaps, now that I have rehearsed it, another organization might want me to come and perform it with another orchestra! I will post upcoming performances of the concerto as soon as I confirm details.

In my new role as concertmaster and personnel manager of the new festival, Newport Contemporary Music Festival, I had also prepared to perform the Violin Concerto by Alban Berg on July 28th in Newport with Van Anglen and the Festival musicians. During my years at New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, some of my chamber music was coached by a jovial violinist named Louis Krasner, who told us that he had premiered the Berg violin concerto. In fact, he commissioned it and some of his performances are still available online, including an old version with the Stockholm Philharmonic on iTunes. 

Also, on the same program, the musicians were to perform 6 Pieces by Howard Shore, who was one of the founders of Saturday Night Live, and who more recently is known as the composer for the music of the Lord of the Rings series of movies. 
The Festival was also scheduled to perform the Dai Fujikura: Concerto for Tuba. Fujikura has won many composition competitions worldwide. 
Our tuba soloist, Østein Baadsvik was also to perform the Baadsvik, Fnugg which is very popular with tubists.
Our cellists were to be featured on the Boulez: Messaguesquisse, and we were also scheduled to perform Charles Ives' The Unanswered Question

The festival was scheduled to kick off first week of July. 
We were excited that André Previn was going to join us for the season opener.

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