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I believe there is a need for a sponsoring organization that will support the work of great creative professional musicians. An organization in which decisions are made with the utmost professionalism, in consultation with the professional musicians that play the music. 

Music reflects our times. Music develops historically, following a historical timeline. It informs as it entertains. By performing and educating our audiences about the music of different cultures throughout the ages, we enable greater sensitivity and are better equipped to live full, meaningful lives as informed citizens of the world. 

To engender and reinforce cross-cultural understanding, and the subsequent peaceful co-habitation across the human species, it is our responsibility to perform the musics of diverse cultures and different periods of history…from ancient times and up to the present. Our collaborations will perform music of many different cultures and from different periods of history, comparing and contrasting, and sometimes hybridizing and synthesizing new forms that combine the best of the varied cultures and styles of music into new art forms. We will create and re-create, improvise and experiment, enact and record and encourage lively conversation. 

We will always reach out to other composers & performers & artists & business people to encourage, incubate and support collaborations and projects and support those who support these goals. 

The need for great music performances is greater than ever. People need to be inspired. Students need to see professional musicians performing, as this shows them the results of hard, focused practicing & good instruction. 

There are thousands of young children across the New England states; Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut who's school districts can't afford to bring great professional lecture-demonstrations or concerts that will inspire and educate. 
Please join our exciting movement. If you are... 

A professionally trained musician, especially with an entreneurial bent or a desire to help guide and formulate policy... 
A legal professional with a special interest in the Fine Arts, especially music... 
Gifted in connecting with others and savvy about using social media or... 
A business leader who would like to offer their knowledge and expertise by serving on our board of leaders. 
Just interested in knowing more or discussing anything related to this initiative, or MOST IMPORTANTLY, a concerned citizen who would like to contribute to a focused effort to bring inspirational, highly trained artists and musicians into contact with our students.

Tell the world what you think. Any ideas? Questions? Please send any suggestions and comments using the contact form, or leave us a comment. You'll notice as you scroll down the page that positions have not been filled. Please email me if you would be interested in joining us in any capacity, as delineated by the TEAM descriptions, or suggest a new position you think should be established, and nominate someone you believe would be a good fit...including yourself! 

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Harris Shilakowsky, founder

Join others who support the healthy creation of great music and art 

The need for great music performances is greater than ever. People need to be inspired. New England colleges and universities educate exciting, inspired musicians every year. These professional musicians create concerts and educational programming for children in our New England Schools. These programs add value to the important work that is done by the teachers in those schools. Visiting performers work side by side with them in residencies, work shops & master classes & assemblies, creating Public Art Projects in Free, Public Spaces & creating and performing commissioned art works. There are thousands of young children across the New England states; Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut who's school districts can't afford to bring great professional lecture-demonstrations or concerts that will inspire and educate. This new collaborative is designed to empower the creative, collaborative process and to provide much needed funding to pay for rehearsals and pay for production costs…the behind-the-scenes work that must be done before artists can bring their programming to the public. With a well-supported collaborative to produce and support great new performances, our world will be a better place to live.


Before we can offer to bring informances and artist residencies to schools for free, we must develop a scaleable fund raising initiative. Check out the financial planning outline on the next page to see how your donation will be utilized to accomplish our mission. Please join us as a founding member by making a donation of any amount. In return, I will list you as a founding member in future publications, if you wish. You will also receive planning and accomplishment updates periodically, be invited to special members events and are invited to help mold & direct the course of this organization including more detailed accounting of financial and artistic planning.

Stage 1 of development. The first dollars we collect will be used to pay to spread the word, establishing an increased presence, enabling a second stage larger fund-raising initiative to succeed. Donations will first pay for a permanent website with our own URL. Then we will advertise NEMC to people who care about the importance of the Musical Arts and Music in Education. 
Stage 2 establishes the administration. Money raised in the second round will pay for professional administration including management/direction and marketing/development and their inherent expenses. 
Stage 3 will raise the money necessary for paying the creative and performing artists.

join the team!

Harris G Shilakowsky 

Administrative C.E.O 

an experienced Musical Arts Administrator with Vision and Compassion 

a long career in the musical business with its inherent 'risks and rewards' has inspired Shilakowsky to create and fight to establish the necessary frameworks and support that a musicians' and artists' collaborative needs, in order to accomplish the mission of creating and providing great artistic and educational experiences for students and audiences.





Keep our Board running smoothly and working to make us a great organization that is fun to be a part of and something to be proud of.


Vice president 

YOU will be A supportive second in command with equally strong qualifications and experience will serve in this position. 

I invite interested people to discuss their interest in serving in this position.

Directors of Our Board   

Guiding and Building our developing, growing musical mission. Not just to raise money, and not just to convince others to join the growing board, your advise and guidance will keep our group refreshed and healthy and fun.   

The board's job is, in a musical non-profit, to make sure the administration can accomplish its mission, by assuring the financial stability of the corporation. So, fund-raising by bringing in friends of the Arts is crucial, but it also important that you be involved in guiding the organization with your business acumen and ethical standards and understanding of how the Arts supports business and vice versa, and subsequently supports our 'customers', the audiences and students we serve.   

Join Sarah Tocco as we build a strong, supportive, intelligent, creative board to guide the ship of NEMC.   

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Development Officer   

Working with the marketing department, to create fun and creative initiatives, in addition to advising and developing other traditional drives to engage our supporters in meaningful activities.   

A truly important person, since they enable the vision to become reality!


Legal Leader 

You will provide us with legal expertise, helping to create and mold the legal solutions and ideas to make us successful and sustainable. 

It is expected that like other modern institutions, that we will need to 'change with the times', as the music industry changes, in parallel with the fast-changing business and technological environment of the world we live in. A flexible, creative legal professional with a strong experience and love for the Arts will fill this position. 

Until we have raised funds to pay for this position, I invite you to donate legal assistance gratis to help us 'get off the ground'.

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All gigs be financially guaranteed by having an audit-able account, such as an escrow account in which the full amount necessary to produce any and all concerts be deposited by a certain, yet-to-be-decided number of days before the first rehearsal or other required service be performed by musicians. Grant money, if it is to be received after the date of a service, must be covered by other already existing funds, to avoid any lapse in payments.


A committee of musicians will oversee all production matters to assure that all working conditions are adhered to...

To maintain the reputation of this organization, the same rules of financial responsibility will be adhered to in all cases regarding payments of any contracts services and/or agreements with others including collaborating artists, musicians, composers, vendors of services including piano and other cartage professionals, recording engineers, lighting and other technical personnel, venue rental/purchase-related contractual agreements.

Marionettes & Music 

Dan and I are figuring out a program based on his production of L'Histoire du Soldat, aka the Soldier's Story, with music by Stravinsky. Dan has instruments that students will attach to the puppets they create in class. Then they will 'act out' the show, with live musicians. We will encourage them to help us write alternative endings to the story, and to compose new music, using Stravinsky and modern elements such as Hip Hop to learn more about the act of creation, and to make it a relevant experience for them. 

To help promote the support of the collaborations between artists, musicians, and professionals and various different organizations, towards the end of bringing financially supported, inspirational, educational arts projects into New England Schools, we are creating our first mini tour with the Kings of the Strings duet programs, which we hope to perform in various towns including Brockton, Millis, Northborough, Westborough in the first season. Future venues will be in Newton, and other towns around New England. We hope we'll meet educators, town and city leaders, angels who can make a difference...first responders, their families, corporate leaders, and of course, fellow artists. In Brockton, our concert-presentation will feature an open bar for adults and Pops style table seating, surrounded by the curated art featured at the Gallery 33, the new exhibition space in Suite 130 in the Stacy Adams Cultural Arts Building on 33 Dover Street in Brockton.