First Steps Songs Instructional Music for Early Stage Violinists
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First Steps Songs A Series for Early Stage ViolinistsIncludes First Steps Songs, Teacher''s Accompaniment Part &amp mp3 recordings Contents: Introducing...a,e,f# 1 First Steps Song on G String 2 First Steps Song on D String 3 First Steps Song on A String 4 First Steps Song on E String 5 First Steps Long Song starting out on G and Crossing Into Many Different Lands Across the Oceans of G,D,A &amp Erecorded accompaniments to the five songs and music that your teacher can use to follow along with...1 First Steps Accompaniment Song 2 First Steps Accompaniment Song 3 First Steps Accompaniment Song 4 First Steps Accompaniment Song 5 First Steps Accompaniment Song You get the mp3 files to listen to before you play and to play along with.
You get the solo music to learn and play *You get the scores that the teacher can use to follow along and/or play along with...or you can get a bunch of friends together who can play along with you using these arrangements to make your own band.
PS They need to know how to read music.

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