Rock On Chair Toe
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An easy, fun rock violin concerto for young musicians. Easy violin part and easy piano part, so young musicians can jam together on this piece. Easy to download parts. Set includes score, violin part and piano part. Composed by violinist, Harris Shilakowsky.

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Sad Dawg, for young violinist and pianist
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Sad Dawg for violin and piano

A duo for 1st to 2nd level/grade pianist with violin solo including 3rd position and lyrical melody.

This is a good short concert piece for musicians from age 5 to 10, depending on their ability.

As usual, available for immediate download. No restrictions on printing copies.

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Scales & Arpeggios Volume 1 - First Position by Harris Shilakowsky EZ
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Scale Book for Violin by Harris Shilakowsky. Volume 1 includes all keys in Major & minor. 1 & 2 octave scales. Begins First Position , adds some extensions &amp a few notes in second position. All scales fingered by Shilakowsky, former concertmaster of the New Orleans Symphony. Includes arpeggios and scales in thirds. All scales are written half notes, quarter notes Entire volume 34 pages includes table of contents listing all scales and page numbers for reference. Teachers can assign specific scales easily. Students or teachers can print the complete book and use your binding of choice or print just the scale pages you need for specific lessons/weeks. This book is a instantly downloadable pdf file which belongs to the purchaser and can be re-printed at will.

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First Steps Songs Instructional Music for Early Stage Violinists
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First Steps Songs A Series for Early Stage ViolinistsIncludes First Steps Songs, Teacher''s Accompaniment Part &amp mp3 recordings Contents: Introducing...a,e,f# 1 First Steps Song on G String 2 First Steps Song on D String 3 First Steps Song on A String 4 First Steps Song on E String 5 First Steps Long Song starting out on G and Crossing Into Many Different Lands Across the Oceans of G,D,A &amp Erecorded accompaniments to the five songs and music that your teacher can use to follow along with...1 First Steps Accompaniment Song 2 First Steps Accompaniment Song 3 First Steps Accompaniment Song 4 First Steps Accompaniment Song 5 First Steps Accompaniment Song You get the mp3 files to listen to before you play and to play along with.
You get the solo music to learn and play *You get the scores that the teacher can use to follow along and/or play along with...or you can get a bunch of friends together who can play along with you using these arrangements to make your own band.
PS They need to know how to read music.

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Very First Violin Song; Learning a,e,f#,b,c#,dd
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The very first song to teach your young violinist. Starts with a=apple. e=elephant. Adds one finger, then teaches a, b, c# and d on a string. Nice big notes. Inexpensive. Quick, instant download. Great for teachers on when you forgot to order the book for the student's first lesson. Downloads in seconds. Written and published by Harris Shilakowsky.

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Practice Schedule

Use these great PRACTICE SCHEDULES each week reminds you to practice. 

It gives an organized place for your teacher to write the page you must practice, the name of the book you’re using, the exercise number, a place to check off each day of the week that you practiced, a box you where you write the number of minutes you have practiced, week’s total, a place for your parent’s signature, a weekly philosophical motto to inspire musical thinking 

 Download and print as many times as you need! Only $5.99