icon icon This Kun shoulder rest fits a 12-13" viola. It is also known as the 1/2-3/4 size violin shoulder rest. Kun has been a leader in shoulder rests for over 35 years. String players love the original Kun shoulder rests. The COLLAPSIBLE added the one feature they were all missing. Legs that folded down for easy storage in even the most compact violin case. Like the original, this rest is adjustable in three directions, and the end members are fitted wtih a patented locking device to ensure that it will not fully rotate and touch the instrument. Ergonomically shapped, comfortably padded, and easily adujstable, it's no wonder the collapsible is one of the best selling Kun shoulder rests. Available in Full (4/4), Junior (1/2-3/4), and Mini (1/8-1/4) $26.70