General Contracting

Musicians seeking employment:

There are THREE DIFFERENT types of employment for musicians referred to on this page.

  1. Direct bookings...To qualify for consideration for any of the jobs contracted (directly) by ShilakowskyArts Music, please fill out the form below. This page is for occasional local (New England) gigs...mostly weddings these days. 
  2. Referrals...If you live anywhere including outside of New England, and/or would prefer to get referrals instead of direct bookings, please fill out the form for groups and individual (soloist) musicians on the Nationwide Ceremony Musicians Referral Service online interview page. There is NO CHARGE to musicians...ever. First dibs will go to groups that are signed in to this site.
  3. Marketing/representing musical products...Unlimited Income Potential for performers & teachers. Join affiliate program

  1. For consideration for "general business" aka GB (cruiseship, weddings, corporate) gigs. Email your resumé to:
  2. Download the W9 form below and return it by email to is optional. You can do this at time of contract-signing)
  3. Fill out the form below with as much detail as you can. Don't forget to hit the submit button when you're done! Feel free to email any additional questions.
  4. Performance Audition: Email links to audio/video performance examples that show the style(s) and instrument(s) you have checked off below.  Send links to YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, DropBox or other file service of your choosing where your files are stored.
w9-form.pdf As an independent contractor, you must fill out a w9 form. If you do not fill one out, you will not be paid after the gig(s). However, you can do this after you have a confirmed gig. 267 KB
If you hit the SUBMIT button and nothing happened, it means there was a field that was REQUIRED that you didn't fill out. Scroll back up to find the little red notice that tells you which field is required. Then try that SUBMIT button again!

PLEASE Tell colleagues about these opportunities!!!! Spread the word! Use these Social Media buttons or post anywhere else you know of!
There is never any charge or fee of any kind to apply for work. Any person or any website that makes you pay money to help you get gigs is probably a scam, in my opinion!!! You will have to join the union to play any gigs that are union contracts, of course.

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