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Shilakowsky String Quartet

Why should you use Shilakowsky String Quartet instead of another group?  

We don't play wrong notes. Not all musicians are the same. The reason I was hired to be a concertmaster is because of my ability to read any music perfectly the first time I see it. This is called sight-reading. Not all musicians can sight-read well.  

Our rhythm is tight. When you're walking down the aisle, you don't want the musicians speeding up and slowing down. As a leader, my rhythm is accurate and consistent. This also makes our popular music more lively and danceable. Our intonation is clean. Along with wrong notes, out-of-tune notes are especially bothersome. Musicians who lack training will play out of tune, making your favorite song or composition sound like it was being meowed by a cat.  

We play the styles of music the way they should be played. Many people can read notes, but not all can interpret them correctly, in the style they originated in. If a piece is written by a Baroque composer like Bach, it should have a Baroque feel to it. I only work with musicians who are steeped in the traditions that they perform. This includes playing ethnic music with the right feel. When we play Spanish tunes, you'll swear we were all Spaniards. When we play Italian music, you'll feel like we come directly from Venice. When we play Jewish music, we get the oy vey, and when we play Greek music...Opah! We feel the soul of the people who wrote the tunes.  

We take care of every single detail, preparing your favorite music, even if it hasn't been published for our instruments yet. In cases such as these, I write custom arrangements upon your request.  

Every musician is appropriately dressed and performs and behaves with professional courtesy. So when you're comparing groups and you notice that we might charge the same or more than others, consider the fact that you should have the highest possible quality at your event, since you probably don't hire professional musicians every day. This is an important event for you, so you should have musicians that will do you proud. Musicians who you can have confidence in. Musicians who care as much as you do and have as much PRIDE in their work as you do in putting on a really beautiful affair.  

 "..Just got back from our honeymoon, and we couldn't wait to write to let you know how unbelieveable you were at our wedding!" "…everyone we spoke to raved about your performance. The ceremony was absolutely amazing. Kim broke down as soon as you began to play "Green Light".""Your performance was absolutely beautiful, and we can't thank you enough!""…we've already referred another couple to you who are getting married next year!"  

We play Pachelbel and Bach and Haydn & Jewish Music, as well as Spanish, Italian, Greek, African, Indian and the musics of many other cultures...virtuosically and sensitively. You tell us what you want to hear, and we play it! Check out the partial list of music below.  

We have also performed recording sessions for soloists, concerts and collaborations with other arts groups and organizations.

Shilakowsky String Quartet  

Harris Shilakowsky, first violinist & leader of the Shilakowsky String Quartet, former concertmaster of the New Orleans and London Symphonies. He works with many famous musicians, both classical and popular, such as Rod Stewart, Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Doc Severinsen, Sir Colin Davis.  

All of our members are...Professional string players who perform with the Boston Pops, Boston Ballet, Lyric Opera Company of Boston, Rhode Island Philharmonic, etc.  

The leader - violinist, Harris Shilakowsky, is music director of the Bristol Chamber Orchestra and former concertmaster for the New Orleans, London, Omaha, and Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestras. member info  

performing music for...  

Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Bar Mitzvah & Birthday Parties, Celebrations, Parties, Cocktail Hour, Background Music for Restaurants, Industrial Applications including Film, TV, Videogame & Commercials, Special Events, Concerts Fund-raisers & conducting Educational Performances & String Clinics  

"...lively dance-tunes, & hauntingly beautiful, spiritual melodies..."  

"...I loved it!" 

 Special Requests? No problem! 

If this is your first visit with ShilakowskyArts Music...Get a Quote by sending us an email. Let us know when your event will be!

We perform

  • classical selections  
  • tunes from Broadway Musicals  
  • Operas  
  • Jazz and Popular Artists  
  • Fun Party Songs  
  • Waltzes  
  • Jewish Music including Yiddish songs, Wedding Music, traditional joyous and moving ethnic music including Hebrew, & Israeli music, Fiddler on the Roof.  
  • Italian music  
  • American Classics & Popular Songs  
  • African songs  
  • Popular & Traditional Chinese Songs  
  • Latino Music including Salsa & Marengues  
  • and music of many other nations and cultures including an extensive repertoire of Christian music including music appropriate for Catholic services.Fill Out My Form!  
  • SSQ performs Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Vivaldi (4 Seasons), Borodin, Favorite excerpts from operas by Puccini, Verdi, etc., popular classics by Bach, Gounod, Tchaikowsky, Vangelis  
  • ...and for cocktail hour or jazz weddings; Jazz Classics - Autumn Nocturne, Body & Soul, Fascinatin' Rhythm, I Got Rhythm, Lullaby of Birdland, Joplin Rags, Ellington Compositions, and more.  
  • Classical  
  • wedding march (Mendelssohn)
  • Brandenburg Concerto (JS Bach)  
  • Meditation from "Thaïs" (Massanet), Canon (Pachelbel)  
  • Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Bach)  
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart),  
  • Water Music (Handel), Sinfonies De Fanfares, Rondeau (Mouret), Hornpipe from Water Music (Handel) 

If this is your first visit with ShilakowskyArts Music...Get a Quote. Fill out my form!   

Here's our latest repertoire list, which includes most of the music in our extensive library, and has suggestions for different occasions, too!

drop me an email:

Our Quartet consists of professional string players who are all active free-lance musicians performing regularly with groups such as the Boston Pops, Boston Ballet, and the Lyric Opera Company of Boston.  

1st violinist & leader, Harris Shilakowsky,  

former concertmaster for the New Orleans, London, Omaha, and Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestras.  

Harris Shilakowsky, leader -violinist  

  • Sargis Karapetyan, violinist
  • Amy Rawstron, violinist
  • Lary Chaplin, violinist
  • Stanley Silverman, violinist
  • Dani Rimoni, violist
  • Eve Boltax, violist
  • Aleksandr Vavilov, violist
  • Rob Bethel, cellist
  • Johann Soultz, cellist
  • Laura Cetilia, cellist
  • Jackie Ludwig-Selby, cellist


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