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Experienced, patient teacher.   Conservatory Educated Musician

Patient & Experienced
Teaching students of all ages   

I teach...  

Violin students of all levels from beginner to professionals. However, I prefer teaching students who are serious about music, who are truly motivated to excel and are interested in learning advanced performance techniques and attaining a high level of artistry.   
Traditional & Creative, modern techniques; improvisation and composition.  Classical, Baroque, Romantic, Popular & even Jazz styles.

Viola, Cello & Piano beginner to intermediate. 

You will...  

increase coordination  
learn best posture for producing great sound 

For beautiful tone, nimble technique and perfect intonation
Learn my learn comfortable, relaxed posture creating relaxed technique & beautiful sound. 
Increase self-confidence and self-image  
Improve your state of mind  
Increase your proficiency, fluency  
Learn advanced performance techniques for more difficult pieces  
Improve note reading skills and knowledge of music theory    
Learn different styles of music.   
Win auditions & competitions 

Do you aspire to become a professional violinist?

    Your Violin Teacher...

    Advanced degrees from both New England Conservatory of Music & Yale University in violin  

    • Taught privately for many years  
    • Former faculty New England Conservatory Preparatory School, coach for BYSO chamber music, and NEC Summer Camp  
    • Former adjunct professor at College of Charleston  
    • Taught in private schools and colleges,
    • Many years of experience in professional orchestras and other performance organizations.  

    Music Studies Consultation   
    There is no charge for your consultation or "Get to know you" meeting. We'll meet an talk for 30 minutes.   
    When you sign up for your introductory consultation, I listen and we talk and figure out what the next step in your music-playing education will get you where you want to go with the instrument. We'll determine together what music, books, or other materials we'll use, to reach the goals that you identified.  

    Other benefits: free consultation about instruments and care and maintenance.  

    I include instruction in music theory as needed as part of all lessons.  

    Violinists & pianists:   
    Bring your violin (or shop for one here). Bring any sheet music you have worked on before, if any. Beginners will be assigned a new instruction book.  You can pre-order it here

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    As a student of music, I learned to perform and how to read and write music. (read about my background) During & after my college years, I performed professionally in orchestras, bands, solos, chamber groups and as a back-up and studio musician on stage and in recording studios. I bring to my performances the influences of many generations of both oral and written traditions from great teachers going back to great European violinist-teachers like Louis Persinger, who in turn, taught many generations of famous musicians and teachers. 


    My instructional sessions are a highly Personal Experience. You learn about melody, harmony & chords & all the different elements of what music is all about and how it functions. 

    On top of this knowledge, we layer the years of experience working with students of all ages and abilities and learning styles. I have learned to adapt my teaching style to the abilities of my students. Sometimes I’ll create a new approach if I have a student who has a difficulty learning one way. Some people don’t easily develop musically using notated music, but have a preference for ‘playing by the numbers’, or by reading the letter-name of a note. Others learn play more easily by ear, rather than by notation. The goal is to give all of my students a rounded musical education, creating a flexible musician who can both read and play ‘by ear’, who can play from music, or ‘by heart’…who can play fast or slow, loud or soft, and understand when to use which. 

    I began my professional musical life learning the skill of performance and how to read and communicate musical ideas to and from others. People put the simplistic name of ‘music theory’ on this and then set it aside as something they don’t think they need to know. But to perform what we call ‘informed interpretations’…performances that the listener will feel deeply and intuitively, the performer is well-advised to understand as much as they can about how notes work. Being able to learn new, fresh pieces and songs is vastly easier when one can visualize the music in the form of notes before playing them. The more we understand how music is structured, the more depth we can bring to our performances. 


    Finally, and most importantly, I bring you my love of music…of the way it moves me and how it will move you, too. Some music will bring you to tears...calm your nerves. Energetic music pumps you up and even increases strength and endurance. Music helps us get through difficult days. We laugh together and struggle together and discover together, and then you take this away with you in your mind and in your heart. 


    We'll find the time that fits your schedule. Lets be flexible with each other! If you need a different schedule. 


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