Experienced, patient teacher.  
Teaching students of all ages  

I teach... 

Violin students of all levels from beginner to professionals. However, I prefer teaching students who are serious about music, who are truly motivated to excel and are interested in learning advanced performance techniques and attaining a high level of artistry.  
Traditional & Creative, modern techniques; improvisation and composition. 
Modern musicianship technologies such as recording and production, working with midi, synthesizers, setting up your effects foot pedal and performing with your electric violin, working with effects, electronics and more. 


Areas that Shilakowsky specializes in, and encourages you to set as goals... 

increased coordination  
improved posture 
relaxed technique, beautiful sound 
increased self-confidence and self-image  
improved state of mind  
get you thinking in another dimension  
increased proficiency 
Learn more advanced techniques so you can read and perform difficult pieces of music.  
Improved note reading skills and knowledge of music theory  
Learn different styles of music. 
Winning auditions & competitions 


Advanced degrees from both New England Conservatory of Music & Yale University in violin 

Taught privately for many years 
Former faculty New England Conservatory Preparatory School, coach for BYSO chamber music, and NEC Summer Camp 
Formerly adjunct professor in College of Charleston, currently adjunct professor at Bunkerhill Community College. 
Taught in private schools and colleges including Atlantic Union College 
Many years of experience in professional orchestras and other performance organizations. 

Music Studies Consultation  
There is no charge for your consultation meeting. We'll meet an talk for half an hour or so.  
When you sign up for your introductory consultation, I listen and we talk and figure out what the next step in your music-playing education will get you where you want to go with the instrument. We'll determine together what music, books, or other materials we'll use, to reach those goals that we identified. 

Other benefits: free consultation about instruments and care and maintenance. 

I include instruction in music theory as needed as part of the lesson. 

Violinists & pianists:  
Bring your violin. Bring any sheet music you have worked on before, if any. Beginners will be assigned a new instruction book. 

Email to set up your free consultation. Please help prepare by filling out the brief form below and submitting. Thanks. 


enrolling for lessons

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Lessons Online

Not convenient to travel to lessons? Sign up for online music lessons (all instruments listed above). New, improved video lessons use Zoom technology. We'll note your choice (in person or online) after you have booked.

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