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 Experienced, patient teacher.    
Teaching students of all ages    

I teach...   

Violin students of all levels from beginner to professionals. However, I prefer teaching students who are serious about music, who are truly motivated to excel and are interested in learning advanced performance techniques and attaining a high level of artistry.    
Traditional & Creative, modern techniques; improvisation and composition.   

You will...  

  • increase coordination  
  • learn best posture for producing great sound  
  • get relaxed technique, beautiful sound  
  • increase self-confidence and self-image  
  • improve your state of mind  
  • increase your proficiency, fluency  
  • learn advanced performance techniques for more difficult pieces  
  • improve note reading skills and knowledge of music theory    
  • learn different styles of music.   
  • win auditions & competitions   


Advanced degrees from both New England Conservatory of Music & Yale University in violin   

Taught privately for many years   
Former faculty New England Conservatory Preparatory School, coach for BYSO chamber music, and NEC Summer Camp   
Formerly adjunct professor in College of Charleston, currently adjunct professor at Bunkerhill Community College.   
Taught in private schools and colleges including Atlantic Union College   
Many years of experience in professional orchestras and other performance organizations.   

Music Studies Consultation    
There is no charge for your consultation or "Get to know you" meeting. We'll meet an talk for 25 minutes.    
When you sign up for your introductory consultation, I listen and we talk and figure out what the next step in your music-playing education will get you where you want to go with the instrument. We'll determine together what music, books, or other materials we'll use, to reach the goals that you identified.   

Other benefits: free consultation about instruments and care and maintenance.   

I include instruction in music theory as needed as part of the lesson.   

Violinists & pianists:    
Bring your violin (or shop for one here). Bring any sheet music you have worked on before, if any. Beginners will be assigned a new instruction book.   

Sign up your free consultation. questions? email me.

more subjects I teach...

Viola, Cello & Piano beginner to intermediate.   
Recording & Production. Modern musicianship technologies such as recording and production, working with midi, synthesizers, setting up your effects foot pedal and performing with your electric violin, working with effects, electronics and more.  

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Who should take online lessons?  

I don't recommend online lessons for beginners. Learning an instrument is best when you can see each other. People don't realize that its not just about the hands or the arms. Its also about the posture; the position of the feet & the torso.  

But if you have no other alternative; If you don't have a local teacher or they live too far to commute, then online lessons are a great, time-saving alternative  

Or, it can be used by violinists who are already quite experienced. You've already learned the basics, and need guidance or coaching from an experienced virtuoso violinist. Or you're working on a specific technical challenge, piece or problem. 

Students & Teachers Sheet Music & Supplies 

Looking for that book or piece of music you & your teacher decided to learn? I'm able to access a huge assortment of music and some really good equipment at good prices now. 

Go directly to the new MusicStoreUSA for the complete catalog or...

Pull down the SHEET MUSIC STORE menu

and/or the SUPPLIES & MUSIC menu.

Assortment of music series including lots of play-along music.That's just a sample! Here's are some of the music series.

Violin Students 

You started playing an instrument and you need some help getting to the next stage? For Violin Lessons at all levels, including professional coaching

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  • Brockton
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  • Attleborough
  • Taunton
  • Raynham
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  • Middleboro
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  • Abington

New Beatles Arrangements 

This week I've set myself a goal of arranging at least one new Beatles song for String Trio every day! So far, I finished a new version of With A Little Help From My Friends, which is already published to

Cheerful song by the Beatles arranged for string trio...violin, viola and cello. Slightly challenging for amateurs, but great for gigs. Two measure intro, then into the song. And of course, comes with the Score & full Set of Parts.

Today I finished Something. The song, "Something", that is...

It will be up on as soon as the staff there checks it out.

Score & Parts for Something, by the Beatles. Arrangement for violin, viola & cello. Great for parties, weddings, and just listening or gigs. Easy to read. Viola trades melody back and forth with violin. Page turns eliminated by keeping the song to two pages. Measure numbers at the beginning of each line. Dynamics and articulations suggested to make it sound more like the original. Some double stops, though not too hard.

lesson pricing breakdown

Prices are discounted with you sign up for 3, 6 or 12 month term, length of lesson & number of family members enrolling.

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